7 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Gazebo For Your Next Sporting Event

Springwood Football Club Gazebo

Facilities can benefit greatly from custom design marquees, particularly if they are hosting outdoor events such as rugby, soccer, tennis, or cricket. A marquee can be used for more than just providing shade to athletes and spectators; it can also be used for branding purposes.

  1. Gazebos and marquees can be very useful, especially when training is taking place on a daily basis. Because sports training can last for hours and even into the evening, it is critical that the athletes are completely comfortable and have access to shade.
  2. Gazebos can also aid in the cooling of the training area. This is due to the fact that concrete can absorb a lot of heat, causing the court to become quite hot and uncomfortable. When a marquee is placed over the concrete portion of the court, it can help keep the area cool and ideal for athletes to practise.
  3. It is essential that the players on the benches are not exposed to the direct heat of the sun. They may become dehydrated or sweat excessively as a result of this. Using gazebos and marquees to provide temporary shade is a good way to keep the players cool until it’s time for them to perform on the field. This is a great reason to invest in a printed marquee.
  4. Canopies are also quite comfortable when placed near the pool to shield swimmers from the sun’s direct rays. They can also keep dirt and dust from falling into the water, making it unsafe to swim in.
  5. Gazebos can also be used to create a comfortable and cool space for spectators to sit and watch the game. Marquees can be erected over existing bench areas to provide shade for spectators.
  6. Marquees with custom designs add aesthetic appeal to the environment and can make players feel more at ease while practising.
  7. Custom marquees can also be used to create a concession stand at sporting events. These brightly coloured marquees not only add to the appeal of the stand, but they also provide a cool and comfortable environment in which visitors can sit back, relax, and enjoy the food and beverages.

Choosing between gazebos or marquees for schools or clubs

East Hills Baseball Club Marquee

Sporting committees frequently choose 3 x 6 custom marquees because they can accommodate a large crowd. When looking for the best marquees in Australia, it’s important to find a reputable manufacturer. They should have a proven track record of providing high-quality and long-lasting shade to sports clubs and community organisations.

Rowing clubs, swimming pools, sporting events, and any other type of athletic event can all benefit from marquees.

If you’re looking for a marquee for a school or club event, there are a variety of sizes and colours to choose from. It is essential that the marquee you select comes from a certified manufacturer who is known for producing high-quality marquees that are simple to set up and transport.

Tips for buying a marquee

The first step is to determine the size of the area that will be covered by the marquee. Once you’ve come up with an idea, you’ll need to give your local manufacturer the dimensions, and they’ll make you a marquee that will provide enough shade for the number of people underneath.

The next step is to figure out what level of durability you require. If you want to purchase a portable marquee, keep in mind that it must be lightweight and long-lasting. A strong and long-lasting marquee, on the other hand, may necessitate the participation of an entire team and dismantle it. Although this isn’t always an issue, it can be a bit draining for short term events.

Purchasing safe and high quality gazebos for Sporting events

It is preferable to choose durable marquees because they contribute to the participants’ safety. However, if you need to set up your participants frequently, you can opt for a lightweight alternative that is readily available on the market. The decisions should be made with consideration to your club’s safety and liabilities policies.

Ask for a compliance certification

It is critical that you purchase a marquee that comes with a compliance certification in order to ensure the safety of the attendees. With certifications, you can show that the marquee was built with high-quality materials and will not collapse on attendees during the event. You should look for a marquee that can withstand bad weather, is fire resistant, and provides sun protection.

Using marquees for promotional events

Gazebos or marquees provide shade while also serving as a good branding strategy. It’s one way to show your sponsors that you appreciate their assistance. It’s also a great way to spread the word about the cause you care about in your community. Find a marquee that can be customised with various designs, logos, and other graphics.

Printing options for branded sports Gazebos and marquees

You can choose any of the following printing options:

Digital Printing

Digital printing on the gazebos’ roofs and walls has become increasingly popular with corporate trade events. However, in order to ensure that the branding is visible to all, you should try to create state-of-the-art large format digital printing.

Heat transfer printing

Heat transfer printing is an excellent choice for creating vibrant images or text on a variety of fabrics. The prints are created with the intention of transferring the image to a special transfer paper, which is then applied to the fabric. After that, the fabric is passed through high-temperature heat tools, allowing the ink from the paper to transfer to the fabric.

UV printing Technology

This is a cutting-edge printing technique that can aid in the creation of long-lasting prints. UV printing technology can last much longer than traditional printing, so if money isn’t an issue, you should definitely consider using it. When designing a custom marquee or gazebo for your next sporting event, make sure to keep all of the above mentioned things in mind. I spoke with a manufacturer who is willing to supply across Australia and asked if they could provide you with promotional accessories like banners and pop up banners.