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With Over 15 years of Experience, Our Pop Up Gazebo and Marquee Range is Made with the Highest Quality Materials and Design Standards to Maximise Longevity.

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Instant Outdoor Shelters  are the go to for Australian Event coordinators offering high-quality, locally printed, built-to-last marquees, gazebos, and banners. 

We’re experts in the printed marquee space and instant shelter set-up, our customers know that every shelter we design will be portable, easy-to-install, and protective against the elements.

Whether you’re a wedding planner, organising a family picnic, or need a reliable shelter for corporate events, our pop up heavy duty marquees are perfect for every solution. They’re popular and reliable for any situation. 

Sold as packages that include everything you need for easy transportation and organisation, each gazebo includes:

  • A wheeled carry bag
  • Easy set up and pack down instructions
  • Wind proof, water proof, and fire retardant materials
  • Customisable canopy options for corporate events, wedding and design choices, and sporting event teams


Outdoor Event Gazebos, Marquees, and Tents

Our Shelters Elevate Any Event: No matter the occasion, you’ll find our versatile pop-up marquees and gazebos gracing:

  • Weddings, Engagement Parties, Anniversary Events, Purchase a beautiful and functional shelter for your special day
  • Live Music Events, Performances, Festivals, Invest in a durable shelter.
  • WHS, First Aid Stations, Outdoor Work Crew Protection, Buy a reliable shelter to keep your team safe, 99%UV protection.
  • Corporate Parties, Office Events, Outdoor BBQs, Conference Areas, Purchase a shelter that caters to your teams needs
  • Sporting and School Events, the Perfect solution for your team and officials.

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We work with a lot of first-time customers who have less experience with temporary shelters and need more support navigating the differences between marquees, gazebos, and tents.

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Outdoor Marquee FAQ's

Gazebos are traditionally smaller structures and are most often seen in residential backyards and small gardens. Marquees are most often larger structures that are created for commercial use, like outdoor weddings, festivals, and large gatherings.

You can call us biassed, but we think that an Outdoor Instant Shelter is the best gazebo you can buy. We use aluminium when constructing all of our heavy duty gazebos because so many of our customers prioritise temporary set-ups and need to take down and reinstall their marquees at different locations. Created to withstand rain and UV rays, our gazebos can equip you with the shelter needed at any type of event, regardless of the weather or time of day.

In a word, yes. Every Outdoor Instant Shelter structure is designed with waterproof materials to help keep you and our guests dry, no matter what type of event you have planned. Further still, every canopy, wall, and half wall is created with fire-retardant materials to ensure safety is top of mind.

The size of the marquee you need will depend on a number of factors, including your structure or event floor plan, what you intend to use the marquee for, and what the weather conditions or elements might entail. When deciding on a marquee size, one of the most common things we keep in mind is to make sure:

  • Layout: is the marquee going to be used for protection from overhead elements and offer standing room for guests only or do you need to set up a market stall and booth? If you’re opting for standing-room only, consider how much space per guest you’ll need–there’s a big difference between needing a portable dance area and cocktails only. 
  • Purpose: the latter ties into your marquee purpose–do you need guests to mingle and have the space to do so or are you setting up a transportable dance floor where ample space will be the priority? Better yet–a sit-down dinner will require added supplies that need space like tables and chairs.
  • The weather: While every outdoor event can be subject to inclement weather, it’s a good idea to consider the season and likelihood of needing to fully protect guests from the rain and UV rays on a warm day.

Once you’ve considered the most likely scenario, purpose, and layout needs of your marquee, you’ll have a better idea of the canopy size needed. Also connect with our team—we’re happy to help support the decision-making process.

A number of factors will influence whether your gazebo walls are better removed in inclement weather conditions. If your marquee has a half-wall set up, there is still ample space for air to blow through and under the gazebo roof—a great way to protect people against the elements without worrying about the stability of your structure. (Fully walled gazebos that are entirely enclosed on three sides may sway in the wind.)

That said, wind accompanied by rain may leave guests exposed to the elements if you opt for a half-wall solution. We suggest having different wall configurations and optional extras on hand so that you can build your gazebo based on the needs of the event, the number of guests, and the weather on the day of the event.

How you plan to use the marquee will help you decide what kind of material to use for the frame and structure. In short, aluminium-framed gazebos are much lighter in weight and easier to transport between events. Galvanised steel—though incredibly strong—is significantly heavier and is better suited to semi-permanent or permanent structures that don’t need to be regularly installed and packed down.

Heavy Duty Marquees for Every Outdoor Event

Planning your next event? The Outdoor Instant Shelter team knows how important it is to be able to pack up and move your outdoor event equipment, whether it’s for a corporate work event, a family reunion, sporting and school events or a wedding.

Designed to be easily set up and taken down, every one of our marquees, gazebos, and half walls can easily be packed up and transported or stored away.

We’ve become one of Australia’s top choices for outdoor event marquees because they’re strong, well-made, and easy to rearrange to fit a variety of floor plans and setups.

Connect with our team to learn more about our standard heavy duty gazebos so you can be ready to hit the road and host no matter where your travels take you.

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