Why Your Business Needs Custom Marquee Printing?

Marquees are like blank canvases. This means you can apply your own themes, decorations, or colours to create a customised marquee for your event. Printed marquees are the talk of the town and they work best for marketing or networking events. Let’s find out more about them.

Custom Printed Marquees: A Strong Marketing Tool

Marquees are tailored marketing solution for businesses. They can be used as a marketing and a branding tool by doing custom printing on them. Businesses can print their logos, taglines or even display product range on the printed marquees.

More Than Just a Shelter

Traditionally marquees were used to provide shelter from sun and rain. But, nowadays businesses are using marquees as an eye-catching display for a brand promotion activity.

So, as a business, you can provide your design and get it printed on a marquee. Since a marquee is so portable and durable – you can get a marketing set up ready for years to come. Whether it is a sports event or your market stall- custom printed marquee can be a great investment.

Customised Marquees in the Corporate Sector

In a city like Melbourne, where the corporate world is always trying something new and creative to catch the attention of their prospective clients, printed marquees prove to be a great helping hand. After all, they can create a strong impact by making the event, a grand one.

If your business is planning to arrange a corporate networking event, conference or fair, the custom printed marquees are recommended. They are professional yet stylish, and one of the major reasons why corporate marquee hire in Melbourne is getting extremely popular these days.

When your main focus is making your presence felt amongst the prospects and leaving them with a lasting impression, it is best to opt for the pop-up marquee in Melbourne. The pop-up marquees are strong, durable and are light in weight. There are plenty of ways to use them; their application is much beyond just giving shelter to the outdoor events. So, how can you use them effectively for your business? Let’s find out!

How To Use Custom Printed Marquees for Business Events?

Here are different ways you can use a printed pop-up marquee in Melbourne:

  • Be Unique At the Trade Expo

Trade expos are a great place for exhibiting your printed marquees. Generally, the tradeshows allocate you with an empty booth space where you are free to customise and present your business in your unique style. The idea is to catch maximum attention towards your stall. So, instead of setting up this space by spending a lot of money, try using attractive custom-printed marquees.

These marquees not only act as branding tool but also add a visual appeal to your allocated space. Moreover, you can even section off an area to divide your booth space. There are a huge number of possibilities that you come with marquees.

  • Cheer Your Favourite Sports Team

How about taking your customised pop up a marquee to support one of your local sports team? It is definitely a great way to get some free exposure and get noticed in front of a huge audience. Melbourne being a sports city, there are so many sports events happening around the year. You can mount your marquee inside or outside the stadium, according to the permissions granted. Or you can even lend your pop-up marquee to local organisations to help with their fundraising and local events. This is a great way to get visibility amongst your potential clients.

  • Sponsor An Outdoor Event

This is the best technique to brand your business. Apart from getting the sponsor tag, you get a really good exposure through your customised pop-up marquee in Melbourne. Stay connected with the local community who can inform you as and when an outdoor event is being organised. Though, it is necessary to sponsor only those events where your target audience is present.

Like if your business is targeting millennials, sponsoring a local music concert or a food festival can be a great idea. The more relevant the event, the more visibility for your brand.

As a sponsor, you can mount your printed pop-up marquee at the event and engage with your target audience. This can be a great networking idea.

  • Make Optimum Use – Inside or Outside Your Business

Yes, it’s true that marquees are majorly used for exteriors. But it doesn’t imply that you can’t use them indoors. If you have a large space in office, shop, or warehouse, why not have your printed marquee set up permanently? In fact, you can make it highly creative and display your products or can even use as a seating space for the clients. After all, the extra branding never hurts.

If you have an ample amount of space at the entrance, you can place your printed marquee even there. It can be a great way to advertise your brand in an affordable way.

Let Marquees Tell Your Brand Story

There is no limit on the usage of marquees, especially when you have the customised ones. They really can bring a lot of difference by increasing your client base and ultimately your business.

If you are interested in getting customised printed marquees, we can help you. We at Outdoor Instant Shelters offer high-quality custom printing to personalise your marquees.

All you need to do is select your marquee style & size and provide us with the design to be printed on your marquee. You can get in touch with us at 1300 939 629 to get more information about printed marquees.