Why Outdoor Instant Shelters Stand Out from Other Marquee Companies?

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Displaying your products or services can be an engaging and productive way to drive sales. After all, personal interaction and product demos can never go wrong in a sales process. A cost-effective and durable way to make your brand stand out is by using custom printed marquees.

With so many companies offering marquees, how can you get the best custom-printed marquees at a decent price?

Well, you’ll have to make an informed decision. Even though the price is a huge factor to decide your marquee company, but the quality is equally important.

At Outdoor Instant Shelters, we offer the best of both. Don’t take our word for it. See how we are different from other marquee companies and why our marquees stand out from the rest?

Stand Out from the Competition with Our Custom Printed Marquees

Whether you have a corporate event, trade show, sports event or any promotional outdoor event – our custom printed marquees are ideal to promote your brand or business.

You will find lots of hardware stores selling marquees at throwaway prices. But, they don’t customise the marquees for your brand. Also, the cheap marquees don’t have a good quality and can be blown away by the wind (literally).

On the other hand, we can create an exclusive marquee display and print design, to match your requirements and maximise your brand’s exposure. Our marquees are strong and can stand the test of time.

Why Our Custom Printed Marquees Offer Best Value for Money?

  • Our marquees are easy to disassemble or set up, making them a versatile product. You can easily install them within a minute with two people.
  • They can be tailored to match different outdoor events, with prints on panels, walls, zippered doors, roof or poles.
  • They are not limited to designs and colours. You can ask for several colours, graphics or quality images on our marquees.
  • They are reusable, highly durable and cost-effective which makes them an excellent investment for any size of business.

We have a 4-step easy printing process for your custom marquees.

Only Quality Printing Methods Used for Customising Marquees

Many marquee companies don’t offer custom-printing for your marquees. If they do offer, still your options are quite limited in terms of colours, designing, resolution of images, and customisation.

Most important part is the quality.

Custom-printed marquees don’t mean they should be of low-quality. You can definitely reuse our custom-printed marquees at several events– as they are good quality and easy to store.

With us, any and every surface of your marquee canopy can be printed upon with your design and colour choice.

We provide full-in house printing services, including:

#1 Screenprinting

If you are looking for an option to print single colour logos and designs for your school, club or business, then our marquee screen printing process is an ultimate choice. It makes better use of free promotion space on your marquee roof and is a great way to get your business noticed. Our skilled design team will help you accomplish the perfect design for your marquee.

#2 Digital printing

It is a modern printing technology used for marquees, in which you don’t have to pay for each colour individually. Instead, you can use a variety of colours, designs and printed photos according to your needs for customising marquee. Just send us your specific design or a high-resolution photo and we will get started to create the high-quality promotional printed marquee.

We Offer Complete Customisation – Choose Everything About the Look of Your Marquees

You know your business best. Don’t get restricted with the custom-printed marquees. Use it as your canvas and promote your brand in the best way.

Many marquees companies have restrictions on where you can get the printing done – be it walls, roof, poles etc.

However, with Outdoor Instant Shelters – that’s not the case.

You have full control of the look of your marquee. Of course, our experts will guide you during the process, but the decision is entirely yours.

Here are some of our great custom printing options you can choose from:

  • Roof and Overhangs

You can print on as much or as little of your marquee according to your branding requirement. With our quality printing process, you can promote your brand or company by printing logos or photos on the roof and overhangs of your marquee.

  • Half Walls

This is perfect for businesses where interaction there is huge customer interaction like market stalls. Use our half wall printing option without using full side panels. It will fully change the look and functionality of your overall marquee.

  • Full Walls

Now you can catch the attention of passers-by during your outdoor event, with our fully printed marquee walls. By customising your branded marquee walls, you have the opportunity to display your products or talk about the services.

  • Doors and Windows

Printable marquee doors and windows are great to offer versatility for different industries. Window walls let the light in and the door walls are great for easy access, with a zipper to open and close the marquee. Customising them with your brand details can help you easily promote your brand.

  • Full Digital Print

If you want to cover the maximum area of your branded marquee, then our option of full digital printing can help you. Our full-colour digital printing process covers the whole roof and all walls, helping you increase your brand visibility in the most efficient way.

Why Choose Outdoor Instant Shelters Over Other Marquee Companies?

  • Best Warranty Policy

We offer you the best warranty policy for all our well-designed marquees and pop-up shelters. They come with optional five, seven or 10-year warranty depending on the frame strength you select. You can rest assured on our marquee range, as they are manufactured and assembled under the supervision of trained structural engineers.

  • Compact Marquees

As compared to traditional foldable marquees, our marquees are more compact. They are easy to open and set up even when space is limited. Our compact range of marquees is also safe to use under different weather conditions.

  • Quality Custom Marquee Printing

All of our marquees and pop-up shelters can be branded in different shapes and sizes. We offer high-quality custom marquee printing options which allow you to use a wide range of colours, logos or designs on your branded marquee.

  • Durable and stylish Canopies

We are the specialists for providing study framed and well-designed canopies. Whether you are celebrating a well-organised event or any business promotion party in a hurry, we offer all kinds of canopies with attractive colours at affordable rates.

  • Fastest Turnaround Time

We have the best turnaround time in the industry. Since we have our own print room, most of our printing jobs can be completed within 24 hours.

Get the Best for Your Business – Invest in Only Good Quality Marquees from Outdoor Instant Shelters!

We are proud of the fact that we never compromise on quality. All our clients can vouch for our products and customer support.

Our experts also guide and help you in making custom-printed marquees. So, transform your brand with powerful and unique marquees – which stand out from your competitors.

For all your marquee needs in Melbourne or surrounding areas, call us on 1300 939 629 or explore our range of marquees here.

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