Why Are Marquees Ideal For Winter Events?

Melbourne hit winters between June and August. But, when the temperature drops, the city comes alive with a number of events, markets, festivals and a lot more. Every winter outdoor event requires some kind of protective and warm shelter. Marquees for winter events are the ultimate choice for many Melbourne people, as they provide a stylish canopy as well as protection from strong winds and rains.

Use Marquees for Melbourne’s Winter Events

Whether it is a farmer’s market, a trade show or a game of footy, a marquee is a great choice. Marquees in Melbourne are widely used for all winter events. In fact, 100% PVC marquees are the best option for winters. The 100% PVC fabric is made to order and is heavier than our 500-D fabric.

These marquees can be digitally printed and can be used as a shelter in tough weather even for a long period of time. They come with UV and water protection. Basically, they are designed to withstand the cold climate of Melbourne.

So, they are the ideal choice for cafes, bars or any semi-permanent location.

If you are considering participating in a winter event for your business, consider going for our custom-printed marquees. Being waterproof and UV resistant, these marquees are easy to carry, easy to set up and ultimate solution for all the winter events. You can choose them according to your needs from the wide range of its sizes and colours. Plus, you can have quality thermostatic heaters, which will maintain a constant temperature inside.

We at Outdoor Instant Shelters offer four different sizes for marquees starting at 3m x 3m up to 8m x 4m plus three different frame strengths to suit your needs. Here are the specifications for two of our most popular sizes for marquees:

3 metre x 3 metre

  • 9 sqm
  • 12 people standing
  • 8 people seated

6 metre x 3 metre

  • 18 sqm
  • 25 people standing
  • 16 people seated

What to Check When Buying A Marquee For A Winter Event?

  • Wind is the biggest issue with outdoor winter events, so when looking for marquees for sale, consider the built of the marquees. Check the construction grade and frame strength.
  • Buy the marquee with the outside structure coated with polyester which makes them waterproof.
  • This is optional, but you can consider a solid door placed at the entrance of the marquee, which allows you to shut the door in case it gets too cold.
  • A marquee with heating facility during winter is the best. You can use ducted vent for heating which can be placed under the walls of the marquee.

Also, if you have any specific need, then you can customise the marquee for your winter event by getting a digital printing done. By using your own theme and brand colours, you can create your own custom printed marquees best for promoting your brand. With a wide range of options available in the market, always go with the strong and durable marquee instead of the cheap ones with low-quality. Here’s more on why quality marquees matter!

More Reasons for Using Marquees In Winters 

Marquees can make a huge difference to your outdoor winter event. Regardless of cold weather, you can create a comfortable environment with a marquee. Moreover, you have the following reasons to choose marquees:

#1 Save money on venue hire

The best part about marquees is that you have the freedom to host your event and use your choice of arrangements. Plus, you spend a lot lesser than hiring a venue. Your marquee is portable and can be reused for another event, so it further decreases the cost of your venue.

#2 Customise as per your needs

Consider a marquee as a blank canvas that allows you to customise it according to your needs. You can choose any colours, brand theme, logo, messaging to create a greater impact.

#3 Leverage the versatility

If you are planning an event in winter, then marquee is the most versatile option. You can create your marquee design keeping in mind your event needs, considering both interior layout and size.

Get the Best Quality Marquees for Your Winter Events

We are Australia’s largest supplier of folding marquees and pop up shelters to schools and clubs. All of our folding marquees and pop up shelters are 100% waterproof, mildew proof and offer 99% UV protection.

We also offer in-house screen printing and digital printing service to customise your marquee according to your event requirements.

We only supply and endorse high-quality and durable marquees- so you don’t have to worry about the quality when you buy a marquee from us. Call us at 1300 939 629 and tell us about your marquee requirements.