Warranty Information

We are able to offer these class leading warranty options as our marquees and pop up shelters have been designed, manufactured and assembled under the supervision of qualified structural engineers to ensure they are light weight, structurally sound, easy to set up and most of all safe.

We understand that there is no standard order, and that each customer has their own individual needs. Our folding marquee and pop up shelter range comes with an optional 5, 7 or 10 year warranty based on the frame strength you select.

Our extensive range of inflatable marquees also comes with an extensive range of branding and warranty options as does the accessories range.

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Heavy Duty - 5 Year Warranty
  • Heavy Duty Nylon connectors and joints used throughout. One piece design retains strength whilst keeping weight down.
  • Alloy “X-Beams” feature internal reinforcement making them extremly strong yet light. Size: 25mm x 13mm.
  • 42mm Hexagonal outer leg for extra strength. Alloy compenents mean there’s no chance of rust. Wall thickness is 2mm.
  • Steel feet for heavy duty applications. Feet feature a pair of holes for pegging the shelter to the ground.
  • Pull pin assembly features a spring loaded steel pin and heavy duty nylon outer.
Commercial Duty - 5 Year Warranty
  • Commercial grade Alloy connectors and joints used throughout. These use 3mm thick alloy and feature nylon covers.
  • Thicker walled Alloy and larger “X-Beams” gives exceptional rigidity when erected. Size: 35mm x 15mm.
  • Larger 40mm outer leg retains square profile but also features a thicker wall, 3mm.
  • Stainless Steel feet which are virtually indestructable. Perfectly suits commercial applications.
  • Pull pin assembly is uprated in thickness and strength, our strongest nylon composite is used.