How to Fold, Unfold, and Set up a Pop-up Marquee?

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Pop-up marquees are excellent for display advertising. They are perfect for both outdoor and indoor events including sporting events, festivals, conferences, trade shows and other special events.

One of the essential things to know while using a pop-up marquee is the process of folding, unfolding and setting it up.

What are Steps to Fold, Unfold and Set up Your Pop-up Marquee?

It is very important to learn the folding and unfolding process well otherwise you will waste a lot of time and might even damage the marquee. To help you do that, we have compiled the few easy steps to unpack, set-up and fold your pop-up marquee. Take a look:

How to Unpack a Pop-up Marquee?

Step 1

Use a box cutter or scissors to carefully remove the packaging on canopy and frame.

Step 2

After removing all the items from the box, compare them with the box contents mentioned in the catalogue. This step is crucial when you have ordered customised pop-up marquee.

Step 3

In case, if any item is missing, inform your seller.

How to Set-up a Pop-up Marquee?

Step 1

 First of all, place the frame of the pop-up gazebo in the desired location. Two people are required for set up, one situated on either end of the closed marquee metal frame.

marquee 1Step 2

Now, grip either end of the marquee metal frame and walk backwards to stretch out ¾ of the frame.

marquee 2Step 3

Place the roof cover carefully over the partially open frame and ensure that it is evenly spread over the entire frame.

Step 4

Lift the frame by the lower part of the truss bars and continue to slowly walk back again until the pop-up marquee is fully opened.marquee 3

Step 5

Now to clip the roof into place, pull the pin on each leg outwards and lift the marquee frame until the hole and pin line-up. Later, release the pin so it locks into place.

Step 6

To hold the roof into place, ensure to attach the roof Velcro steps.

Step 7

Lift each leg of the frame and pull the inner leg outwards until it pops into place. Repeat this procedure with each leg.

marquee 4Step 8

Use the pull pin adjuster on the leg to raise the marquee to the desired height.

In case of the large pop-up marquee i.e. 6×6 metre, take the help of the second person to fully open it. Ask one person to stand underneath mid connector and lift the marquee just off the ground. Ensure that the other person locks the connector in the desired location.

marquee 5How to Fold or Pack a Pop-up Marquee?

After considering the steps for assembling the pop-up marquees, it is also important to know how to fold it in order to secure it for your upcoming event.

Step 1

Hold the outer leg of the pop-up marquee and pull the pin height adjuster. Now slowly, lower the frame until the leg is fully retracted. Repeat the procedure with each leg.

Step 2

Unlock the slider bracket. Now, slowly pull the bracket down until it gets free from the locked position.

Step 3

Now, with the help of the second person, gently push the frame inward from the outer frame. This will allow the frame to fold inward and close.

Step 4

Fold the frame completely and ensure that the roof cover is not trapped between the crossbars.

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