7 reasons your business should invest in a branded marquee

If your business regularly does trade shows, product launches, expos or sports or community events around Melbourne then you know how hard it can be to stand out from the crowd.
The value of maintaining a business presence at these events is indisputable. They are great for enhancing brand awareness, attracting leads and new customers and engaging face to face with your clientele and community.
But there’s a downside: Most of the time you’re surrounded by a heap of other businesses and brands all jostling for attention. So anything you can do to make your business stand out from the crowd, attract attention and stick in the minds of your customers will help you maximise what you get out of these events.
One great way to get noticed is with a professional branded marquee or gazebo.
Here are 7 reasons why investing in a branded or printed marquee in Melbourne is a great idea for your business.

1. Enhance your business image

When you’re setting up for an event, it’s crucial to project a professional image for your brand. It doesn’t matter if you’re a niche player or an industry leader, if you rock up with nothing more than a folding table and a stack of brochures, you’re unlikely to inspire confidence in your potential customers.
A high-quality digitally printed marquee will help to create a more professional feel for your exhibition space. It shows that you take pride in your brand and that you take the perception of your business seriously.

2. Increase brand awareness

Boldly showcasing your brand across your marquee will make it instantly visible from a distance. Whether someone is directly in front of your display, walking past or standing ten booths away, they will be much more likely to notice your exhibition space and remember your brand.

3. Make use of free advertising space

If you’re setting up a plain marquee, you’re essentially wasting free advertising space. With a printed marquee, you can showcase your branding or make use of photo-quality digital printing across the roof, valance and walls of your marquee. This means that wherever you set up, you’re benefiting from free advertising for the duration of the event.

4. It’s a one-off investment

If your business does a lot of tradeshows, product launches, sports or community events or other public events, it makes sense to invest in a branded marquee. It’s a one-off marketing investment that you will be able to make regular use of.

Unlike a lot of other marketing activities which are generally time-dependent or short-lived (e.g. online marketing) or rely on rented space (e.g. billboards), investing in a branded marquee means you own the marketing space and can make use of it wherever and whenever you please.

5. You can customise it to suit your business

A top-quality branded or printed marquee can be custom-designed to suit your specifications and your branding. Photo-quality digital printing means that you can create a design that showcases your products, people, features and even your brand ‘vibe’ or ‘lifestyle’. With a printed marquee, you’re not just buying an off-the-shelf product, you’re buying a custom designed marketing asset that fully represents your business.

6. Marquees are versatile

Besides the printing and design options already mentioned, marquees are extremely versatile in terms of how and where you use them. They are perfect for indoor setup at a convention centre trade show. They are also durable and weather-proof, making them ideal for outdoor events like markets and music festivals. (And this is especially important if you’re using your marquee or gazebo in Melbourne!) They are quick and easy to set up on just about any surface where you can erect temporary structures. If you need extra space, they can also be expanded using additional marquees.

7. Quick turnaround on orders

Unlike investing in some other forms of marketing collateral, printed and branded marquees take very little time to prepare. For basic, single-colour printing jobs, we can offer a 24-hour turnaround. If you have a short-notice event coming up, we can quickly and efficiently process your order and print your marquee.

Investing in your own custom printed or branded marquee will provide you with a versatile and practical piece of marketing collateral that you will use again and again. Contact the team at Outdoor Instant Shelters today to find out how we can enhance your branding and visibility with our range of heavy-duty marquees and gazebos in Melbourne.

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