5 Ways to Get Your Business Noticed With Marquees

Festivals, trade shows and events are some of the most reliable ways to connect with new customers and market a brand. There are a plenty of methods to make an impact with your brand at any given event.

But, you should use a method that is worth your money and gets you maximum eyeballs even where there is a huge competition. Whether you have an already established business or you are just starting out, a high-quality marquee is a great way to steal the show. Customised printed marquees can help you make a great impression and can also attract the right crowd.

Are Marquees Effective?

A marquee is a portable tent type structure that is used during events to host product giveaways, presentations, meals and drinks and distribution of important information. They have become extremely popular as they are built well and are one of the most effective forms of marketing.

They can be set up in indoor or outdoor spaces. They can be printed with a company’s logo, service/product name or any other message that you want your audience to read. Marquees easily catch the eye of onlookers and more significantly they get people to take an action. If you get the right marquee and position it in the right location, you can definitely get noticed and attract a good crowd.

Are Marquees Sturdy And Durable?

Marquees are made of durable material like 100% PVC fabric and can be used for commercial or recreational purposes. The frames are very durable and are made of high-quality steel or aluminium and the walls are made of very thick plastic with a PVC coating. Any good quality marquee can have at least 10 years of warranty.

How To Get Your Business Noticed With Marquees?

Marquees are an effective marketing tool, but you need to use them right in order to get the maximum benefit. Here are 5 ways to ensure your business gets noticed with a marquee:

#1 Make sure that your logo is placed on the roof

The logo is one of the most important parts of your branding. Thus, it makes sense to place it in the prime and the most central position of your marquee. Make sure your logo is noticeable and it allows people to spot you from all the sides and helps you stand out from other companies with plain or one-colour roofs.

#2 Enter your company name in the valance section

When customers walk past your marquee and think about talking to you, it is very important that your name is clearly visible on the valance, so they know who you are. This implies that when they try your product and love it, they’ll know who to get in touch with and tell their friends about!

#3 Treat the back and sides of the marquee like an advertising billboard

A marquee is an exceptional tool to use when you want to showcase your company brand and products. We recommend the following marquee ideas for the back and side of your tents:

  1. Write down benefits and features
  2. Compelling images
  3. A copy that explains why people need your services or product

#4 Use your signage to suit different types of event

Marquees are portable and the sides are removable; so, you can customise the signage for different events. It isn’t always appropriate to use the same sales message to target different range of audience. A corporate marquee must be durable and should be printed in a specific way whereas a school event marquee has different requirements.

#5 Match your marquee signage with a branded table cover

A branded table cover takes your brand marketing one step further. For maximum impact, include a branded table cover and add the ‘wow’ factor to your marquee.

What Are The Kinds Of Marquees?

  • Corporate Marquee

    The corporate marquees are bought by business professionals for their advertising or promotional purposes, thus their marquees are white in colour. But some companies may choose other colours depending on the nature of their event.

  • In-house Marquees

    You can easily transform the indoor space of your warehouse or industry with in-house marquees. These marquees can hide the industrial look or the large barn and turn it into a pleasant looking venue.

Apart from offering all the above-mentioned elements, the marquee should also be of good quality. Outdoor Instant Shelter specialises in providing the best quality marquees for commercial and recreational purposes. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we give you the most durable and highest quality marquees to maximise longevity. We have a variety of options in dimensions, colours and sizes to suit your needs. We also provide custom made and printed marquees to transform your brand into a powerful advertising medium. For all your marquee requirements in Melbourne and surrounding areas, contact us at 1300 939 629 or explore our range of marquees.