10 Best Applications Of Marquees

Marquees have been a popular choice for events and festivals, all around the world. They can be installed quickly, they come at an affordable price, and are very versatile.

Moreover, marquees are not limited to any industry or activity. They can be used at a variety of settings. Let’s see how different industries use marquees:

#1 Sports Practice & Games

Whether it is footy, rugby, cricket, tennis, or athletics- marquees are quite a common sight at sporting events.
Marquees can be seen at many sporting festivals. They are most ideally used for hosting sporting teams and are a great place to find protection from the sun. They can also be used to promote a brand. If you choose a good-quality marquee, they last very long.
Marquees give sponsors a chance to advertise. A custom marquee with your team branding and details will be perfect.

#2 Educational Events & School Events

Just like any sporting event, school events can also use a marquee. You can customise them as you want with your choice of colours, shapes, forms, size, etc. It’s just a 4-step process for Custom Printed Marquees.

This type of marquee is usually categorised by the school or house colours, which makes it easier for children to find teachers and friends. Marquees also provide shelter to children and teachers in between the events.

They can also be used for serving refreshments, plus they are a great way for branding.

#3 Outdoors Shelters

There are a number of services that require the space to work outdoors. Marquees can act as an outdoor shelter for such businesses.

Jobs which are labour heavy, like construction, often use marquees for protection of the workers from sun and rain. Company’s name can be promoted on marquees. This helps increase awareness about your brand.

#4 Retail Industry

Marquees can be spotted in the retail industry. Whether it is a promotional event, a trade show or a fun activity at the mall – marquees can be used.

Many companies hold outdoor sales in a marquee during the peak seasons. Marquees can be a very good option for setting up a stall when a company wants to display goods or sell them.

#5 Farmer Markets or Events

You must have spotted food stalls, sale units or craft fairs in a marquee. It is an affordable way to set up a pop-up shop for small businesses. These marquees can be branded with a business logo, contact details and messaging.


The customers are naturally attracted towards lively and bright looking marquees, which will lead to a substantial increase in the sales of a product.

#6 Sporting Events and Clubs

Marquees are also great for sporting events and community clubs. In fact, you can spot well-built and vibrant marquees at popular sporting events like IRON MAN, cycle races, football, netball, cricket matches etc.

Marquees can serve perfectly as a base station for athletic events and races. They act as a quick and portable shade for team members and spectators.

A lot of fundraising and local events also use marquees as a temporary set up.

If you own a club or if you are a sponsor, you can get fully-customised marquees with or without walls for your next sporting event.

#7 Public Services

Public services like the police force frequently use marquees for protecting items of interest, checking of vehicles and providing staff facilities at remote locations. Such activities are often urgent in nature and need quick response time. Marquees act as a great small unit for security checking at ferry terminals.

There’s another great use of marquees in public transportation system. They can be installed as pop-up shelters if in case of route diversions. They are a quick and easy solution for providing shelter to passengers.

#8 Warehousing or Manufacturing

Large marquees can be used for temporary warehousing as an additional storage. They can be high enough to drive a forklift in and out.

Large spaces can be difficult to heat up. A marquee within a warehouse can create a small heated space, as and when required.

Thus, you won’t need to change the temperature for the whole warehouse. Marquees cost much lesser than other temporary storage options.

#9 Festivals & Concerts

Marquees come in all shapes and sizes. In a party set up, marquees often used as food stalls and seating areas. These marquees are strikingly attractive and can be custom-made as per the party theme or occasion.

Thus, we can say marquees have a lot to offer to almost every industry. They are great as an outdoor shelter and are also a great branding tool.

#10 Emergency Cover

Emergency situations like floods or fire require temporary setups and shelters. They can be used to create an outdoor shelter or to store food supplies. Marquees can also be installed during a renovation.

Marquees offer so many applications of marquees at such great prices.

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